Justin Kraky’s

Action Research Project Webpage


My Action Research Project

My name is Justin Kraky and this website

is devoted to my Action Research project,

fulfilling the requirements of the Education

Media Design and Technology master’s

degree program at Full Sail University.

The goal of my Action Research Project is

to find a more efficient means of delivering

training on our software and technology-

related systems to our growing campus

community at Keystone College. This project was undertaken to address the problem of support hours required to provide training on the usage of all of our online systems on an individual or group user basis. I wanted to find a way to get an organized system of tutorials and solutions out to the entire campus. To be able to do this, I am creating a dynamic web system to disseminate tutorial and training modules that will be accessible on or off campus. I hope that this system will be a valuable training asset for the Keystone College community.